New Christian Hip-Hop & Dance station invades Houston, interwebs

Need a Christian Contemporary station? We've got tons of those.

Need a Christian Rock station? We've got more than a few.

What about Christian Hip-Hop? Not so much.

Well that all changed last month when PowerRadio.FM launched in Houston. It started with a 4-hour session live on Houston's 100.7FM which was also streamed on the PowerRadio.FM site. I listened while getting some work done and thoroughly enjoyed the DJs and the music selection on this "rhythmic" station. The mix includes hip-hop, of course, but also branches out into dance and pop. When not live on the air, at least for a few more weeks, the online portion of the station switches back to internet radio-style playlists. But this month, they plan to open a new studio and after that will broadcast live on the internet most of the day.

So download the iOS or Android app, or tune in on the website. The stream is great and I listen in the car through my iPhone regularly. Also pray for as they work to broaden their reach.


Two great recent "Stuff Christians Like" posts

If you aren't following Jon Acuff and his Stuff Christians Like blog, you need to be. It's the perfect blend of humor and spiritual challenging. Two recent posts caught my eye recently. On February 1st, Acuff wrote "When Lil' Wayne defines the gospel". See, Lil' Wayne spent some time in jail recently and apparently among the things he did to pass the time, one was reading the bible "cover-to-cover".

“It was deep! I liked the parts where some character was once this, but he ended up becoming that. Like he’d be dissing Jesus, and then he ends up being a saint. That was cool.”

What a great description of the gospel. “Some character was once this, but ended up becoming that.” I was lost, but now I am found. I was once blind, but now I see.

Certainly that's not the best explanation of the gospel I've ever heard (no mention of sin or whether Lil' Wayne recognizes his own need for forgiveness). But I like Acuff's point!

I’m saying that I love it when God gets an unexpected shout out. And that I could crush Lil’ Wayne at UNO.

This wasn't the old and tired "I thank God for this award" stuff you hear out of celebrities. Lil' Wayne, in his own way, was speaking of how Jesus changes lives from the inside out.

The next post that caught my eye was also about a music artist, the teen sensation Justin Beiber, or "the Beiber" or "the Beibs". Apparently the dude not only has a movie but a Bible study to go with it. I'll let you read the rest for yourself.


RED performing on Conan and Leno

Their new album "Until We Have Faces" is out and Grammy-nominated RED has been performing on the late night circuit.


"Not Alone" - click this link to go to where you can skip to the end of the show to see RED.

So awesome to see these guys get the recognition as artists!


Watch Passion 2011 live right now

Passion 2011 is a huge Christian conference for young adults and for the first time they are streaming the event live. Right now you can watch replays and then tune in live tonight at 7pm. You can also watch some replays for the next few days. This is quite an opportunity to watch this conference so please take advantage!

Live Stream


What if Mary & Joseph were on Facebook?

That's the question answered by IgniterMedia in this video they posted on YouTube. Through a series of status updates, likes, and photos posted, the Christmas story is retold. Elizabeth, Zechariah, the Shepherds, and many others also chime in.

Some of my favorite quotes:

Joseph: I am pledged to marry someone very special.

Mary: Just who might that be? ;)


Joseph: It sounds crazy ... But an angel told me.

Joseph friend #3: Oh, that's convenient...


Shepherd # 1 started a group "A Savior is born to us"